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Handmade Steel Matte Copper Plated Flower Chain - .95/ft

$ 0.95

Very unique chain.
Handmade flower chain
This chain is steel.
The flowers measure 23x15mm which includes the soldered double loop. (Some soldering is not the best)
There are 12 flowers per foot
The connectors are easy to open and close
I do not know where it was made
This is how it came to me - copper coated/plated over steel to keep it from tarnishing. That being said, there are spots of tarnish on this version of the chain.
This chain is at least 30 years old. It had been stored in a box in a basement back East and had spots on it then. But...I loved it, so I bought it and had some plated (the gold and silver versions) but kept most of it raw until I could see how well it plated. It plated decently, but I never went beyond my initial plating 'run'. The chain is going to have greenish-black spots on some of it. It would be great for a non-jewelry project. Wind chimes? Collage? Alternately you could have it plated with good results.

This is not what I would call a perfectly made chain, but it's fabulous.

Sold for $.95 per foot

Fun stuff, but a little more work than the plated ones :)