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Our Story

I have always been an artist. When I was young, I would pose my dolls in goofy still lifes and sketch them with pencil and paper. Later on, pencils became pastels, then oils, then acrylics. The subject matter changed from dolls to nature. Along the way I took classes in photography (I love shooting doors and windows in old or industrial buildings) and stained glass, made quilts and did a lot of glueing of things on, well, everything that needed that extra special something.

I always wanted to make a living with my art and when I discovered clay, that was my entry into this wonderful career. I started making free-form porcelain vessels. Loved the clay and the glazes and opening the kiln after every firing - it was like Christmas morning!

One day I decide to make some beads to adorn my pots. The gallery that was showing my work suggested I make some necklaces out of those hand made beads. When a customer asked for a pair of earrings to match a necklace she was purchasing, I figured out where to get those wires you put in your ears, and the rest, well, you know, is history. Pottery took a back seat to jewelry design. It was love at first sight.

Desert Heart is a large, lovely line of great jewelry, designed by me and aided by a small group of dedicated craftspeople.

My designs are always a combo of materials. I love contrast and you can see that very clearly in the work. I use a crazy array of stones and pearls, sequins and recycled glass. Acrylic and rubber. Contemporary glass and vintage treasures, shiny metals and gently antiqued ones. If I can include a little sparkle as I go, well, so much the better. Whatever works, whatever catches my eye. Whatever seems right at the time :)

I never tire of exploring for treasures to use in my designs. I travel to trade shows and old warehouses, thrift stores and overstocked garages. I scour the web for limited lots of goodies and have even been known to attend an auction or two. It’s all part of the fun, the discovery, the creativity, the journey. Designing for Desert Heart is my passion!

We owe our success to all of you. Our fans! This web site is for you. We’ve included classic Desert Heart designs, bestsellers and stuff I thought you’d like. Prices are great too! Have fun!


With gratitude,

Deb Sparshott, the Artist!